February 14th

Weekend Reading

What are you guys up to this weekend? Paul and I will be watching the newest season House of Cards as a nice little romantic treat – god I love Claire what a moxie!!! I also have a whole list of new places that have opened in the past few weeks that I have been... read more

February 11th

SoCal Travels: La Jolla

Last weekend Paul and I decided to Uber-it to La Jolla. It was Paul’s first visit (I had been once before a few years ago), and we were blessed with shorts-friendly weather and cloudless skies. Our driver dropped us off at the La Jolla caves, we walked along the water into the cove and then... read more

February 7th

Weekend Reading

Hey hey – happy weekend!!!! What are you guys up to this weekend? Hopefully lots of food and fun! Paul and I are going to hit up the new adorbs cheese shop that just opened around the corner from us – I am thinking something truffled! Hoping to pick up some fig jam and crackers... read more

February 1st

4 Places in San Diego to Avoid the Super Bowl

I’ll start by saying that if you’re reading this post, you are not alone in your thinking that the Super Bowl is overrated and – dare I say it – downright boring. While it may be hard to avoid the big game tomorrow, there are several places left in San Diego to escape the madness that... read more

January 31st

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend! Paul and I kicked our weekend off with champagne and takeout as it was a bit overcast and rainy. It seems the sun is coming and therefore we are off to the beach! Before we Uber, I will be making a quick pit stop at my fav coffee shop at the farmer’s market around the... read more

January 31st

Denver Travels

Last week I took a quick trip to Denver to visit my newly engaged bestie! While I was sad to leave the near-perfect 70 degree weather for the freezing tundra that is Denver, a best friend visit is always a good idea. We were able to visit her venue, try on several wedding dresses, and... read more

January 25th

Weekend Reading

First, even if you don’t follow up on all the links below (which would be at travesty), at a minimum you need to listen to The Secret History of Thoughts from NPR’s new series entitled Invisibilia. This episode features three different stories all about – you guessed it – the power of our thoughts. The last one is... read more

January 22nd

Tokyo Travels

The above pictures is a shot of the bullet train my lover and I took from Kobe. It was clean, fast and served lots of fun treats. The ride was about 3.5 hours, but flew by in no time. We even passed through the middle of a crazy looking snow storm just outside of Kyoto... read more

January 17th

Weekend Reading

This week was a pretty wild one at work, but it’s finally the weekend and jalapeño cocktails, here we come! We are enjoying the last day or two of Southern California 70s before heading off to a client in New Jersey next week, so we’ll soon need the extra heat. Here are some good reads to check... read more

January 11th

Kobe Travels

As I had mentioned before, Paul and were lucky enough to have a week-long visit to Japan for work. The flight was direct from San Diego to Tokyo Narita and then we had a commuter flight into Kobe International, so travel wasn’t too bad. The client was actually in Kobe, which is the sixth largest... read more