June 30th

City Heels: Summer Edition

While cobblestone can give a romantic vibe to any city street, it’s not the most inviting walking surface. Adding heels to the mix makes efforts even more troublesome. That being said, I like a bit of height at all times; therefore, I have built up a small collection of go-to city heels. These tried and... read more

June 27th

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend! In case you’re need of a good laugh. I have been living in this new chilly night staple! Love this flask! I definitely had one of these as a child and it was filled with scratch & sniff stickers, temporary tattoos and combination of skittles & smarties. Awkward Moment: World Leaders with soccer balls.... read more

June 26th

Put An Egg On It!

While dining out at Alexander’s in San Francisco, I was pleasantly surprised to see a poached egg atop my salad. Immediately I was smitten!  While nothing revolutionary, I knew I would be repeating this dish at home. I decided to brush up on my egg poaching skills and go on a recipe hunt. During my search, I... read more

June 25th

Zara Sale: My Picks!

I love Zara! Their modern, minimalist design is right up my alley. Their clothes are on trend, but still classic.  As I mentioned before, they are having a sale! Check out my picks below! Also, Shopbop (another one of my favs) is offering an additional 25% their sale items, use code 25MORE.   1/2/3/4/5/6 source

June 24th

Weekend Wrap-up

Summer has officially kicked off and we had a lovely weather weekend! Paul and I split our time between CT, NY and RI this weekend because why be in just one state when you can be in three?! Friday was Paul’s Dad’s bday. He is such a lovely man, I was beyond excited to spend... read more

June 20th

Weekend Reading

Paul and I are off to NYC for the weekend! We will be going to the Flute Champagne School to learn more about vintage champagne (read: drink champagne). What a better way to kick off the first day of summer than with a little bubbly?!? And after we’ve had our fill and improved our palate, we will be... read more

June 19th

Wine by Design: Gallery Talk & Wine Tasting

As a part of my birthday present, Paul purchased several wine & food themed events in NYC and throughout RI. Wine by Design was the first of the bunch. The event, hosted by RISD’s Graphic Design Professor Bethany Johns and Bottles‘ Wine aficionado, Eric Taylor, was at the RISD Museum in downtown Providence. At the start of the event we... read more

June 18th

Five Things: World Cup Edition!

Because Every Day of the World Cup is a Sexy Party   1/2/3/4/5 World Cup fever is hot and rising. Below is my mini-guide to celebrating as if you were in Rio! Apparel Elizabeth and James released a line under their Textile brand including tanks (Italy’s shown above) and tees which is exclusively available at... read more

June 17th

Weekend Wrap-Up

Paul and I got back around midnight from the DR (post coming soon) and we immediately looked at the weekend weather forecast. We were pleased with the news: seventies and sunny!!! A perfect way to extend our holiday! On Saturday we lounged, gardened, and watched the World Cup. We also snuck in a visit to... read more

June 16th

Indoor Clouds

The other day I stumbled upon this art installation by Berndnaut Smilde. First, be sure to check out this wonderful interview with the artist. In addition to the pure magic of the clouds, Smilde also chooses beautiful backdrops in which they are housed. One of my favorites (show below) takes place in an empty church with... read more