June 12th

Five Things: Suncreen

1/2/3/4/5 From a young age, there has been a strong tie between sun and sunscreen. My mother was sure to cover us in SPF 50 or higher, at all times. Thank god we have come a long way from the days of Waterbabies. Though the tools have changed, the practice has stayed the same. I always keep... read more

June 10th

Five Things: Getaway Packing

1/2/3/4/5   Paul and I are taking holiday! We are going to the Dominican Republic with a couple close friends for the week, so in the spirit of getaways I thought I would share a few of my packing staples! J.Crew Denim Shorts: I went a size up with these for a slouchy-boyfriend fit. They are... read more

June 9th

On Running

I was never much of an athlete as a kid. While I did play lots of sports, it was always for fun and nothing of the serious nature. Part of if was that my father was a serial coach. Since he was always the coach, that meant we had to play, always. On the other... read more

June 5th

The Human Experience

Maia McCann put together a collection of 60 photos that showcase moments of the human experience. Below are a few of my favorites! The featured image reminds me of a lovely documentary called Babies , which is a must watch! “This incredible collection of moments represents the joy, innocence, despair, curiosity, and undying perseverance within all of... read more

June 4th

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend finally felt like spring. It was the first weekend of the Providence Flea Market and the Hope Street Block Party! Paul and I spent the majority of our weekend walking around the city. I think we clocked in at about 20 miles total. Saturday started with iced coffee at Seven Stars Bakery and a... read more

June 3rd

Peace Pagoda 1.2 Miles

Paul and I were driving through NY State on our way to visit his sister at Williams College. During our voyage, we passed a sign that read “Peace Pagoda 1.2 Miles”. Since we had a bit of time to kill before she finished class, we decided to stop and check it out. I’ll admit I didn’t... read more

June 2nd

Our Love Child

I am very excited to announce that Paul and I started our very first garden!!!! Our building has a garden club in which residents can sign up and receive their own planting space. All beds have an automatic watering system and the perfect amount of sunlight! In our planter: Chocolate Mint Orange Mint Chives Yellow Squash Thai... read more