July 31st

Beach Packing

Paul and I just got back from California late last night after a long, cross-country flight. Our visit came right after a week in St. Louis, and while the weather was nice in both places, the weather in California was beyond lovely. Days reached into the high 80s nights cooled off to the mid 70s. While Paul and I spent... read more

July 30th

Portland, Maine: Summertime Edition

Portland was just lovely! If it wasn’t so cold in the winter Paul and I would be moving there stat! That being said, it is a world of difference between visiting in February and visiting in July. I strongly recommend the latter. Since Portland is only 2+ hours away, we were able to check into... read more

July 28th

Railroad Art

Check out this lovely series done by Portuguese artist Artur Bordalo. Bordalo uses the tracks to create art that flows seamlessly with the horizontal lines, which can be seen on the railways throughout Portugal. More of his work can be viewed on his website and Facebook page.

July 25th

Weekend Reading

Paul and I are off to Sonoma County for the weekend! We will be celebrating our anniversary exploring wineries and eating fish tacos! Below are a few fun links that I am loving – hope you have a wonderful weekend!   A fun flashback machine. How much sleep is too much? My kind of wallpaper! Don’t forget about... read more

July 24th

Buy Again Products

Ok when I say buy again I mean bought again, and again. In fact, I have purchased all of these products at least three times. They are wonder products! While I am loyal to most things, (Volvo for life) I am not when it comes to products. I have tried almost every dry shampoo, hairspray,... read more

July 23rd

Farm Stands

On Friday I had the pleasure of renewing my license and having the emissions tested on the car. After looking up the closest DMV location I found myself in Old Saybrook, CT.  Despite having grown up in Connecticut, this was my first visit.  The license renewal went quite smoothly but the emissions testing… not so... read more

July 22nd


Just a few pins I stumbled upon during the last week or so! Hope you enjoy!!! Cookie Bites My Kinda Toast! Part Necklace – Part Power Cord Pretty Cocktails Garden Party Inspo Coffee with my Coffee Succulent Love 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

July 21st

Off to St. Louis

Paul and I are off to St. Louis for the week. While Paul has visited twice before, it is my first time in MO! We will report back with our food/coffee/drink picks! In the meantime, below are some fun links I stumbled upon this weekend! My 10 year old self just jumped for joy over... read more

July 18th

Anniversary Traditions

This past Friday marked the one year anniversary of our wedding. Given that Paul are not very traditional there was no frozen wedding cake , no baby christening (if you are familiar with the origin of this cake tradition) and no gift of paper. There was, however, a new tradition! Paul, the wonderful man that he is, knows... read more

July 17th

Ocean State Living

Disclaimer: While I am writing this post it is overcast, rainy and humid! That being said, it won’t be this weekend!!!! It will be 80s and sunny which means Paul and I will looking for a beach spot to visit! Here in Rhode Island, there is no shortage of cute little seaside spots, as seen in... read more