August 29th

Weekend Reading!

Happy Long weekend! Paul and I are thrilled to be back in the PVD! We have no plans set thus far but have thrown around lots of options – no surprise there! Hope you have a lovely, sunny weekend. Check out some of my fav links from this week! How far does $100 go in each state?... read more

August 29th

Labor Day Sale Picks

For some reason I was caught up in moving plans and completely lost track of the date, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that Monday is Labor Day! In addition to the extra day off, this means there will also be a plethora of sales. Find my sale picks below! Cheers to the long weekend! 1/2/3/4/5/6/7... read more

August 27th

Congress Hall, Cape May

The first time I visited Southern New Jersey was a few years ago and just a few months after Paul and I first met. Paul asked me to spend a weekend away in the beautiful town that is Cape May, which instantly reminded me of Cape Cod and was definitely love at first sight. After... read more

August 25th

Around Town

Paul and I got back yesterday from a double-family “end of summer” visit. We spent a few days in New Hampshire with Paul’s parents and a few days in the Cape with mine. Luckily, my little sister and her boyfriend were able to join us for a few days in the Cod.  Talk about ultimate New... read more

August 15th

Weekend Reading!

Paul and I are excited to report that we will be staying put for the weekend – and by staying put I mean not leaving the state of Rhode Island! I do hope to squeeze in a trip to Block Island and/or Newport, but we will see how that goes. Hope you enjoy these lovely links!... read more

August 14th

Sonoma Valley Travels (Part Two)

After our vineyard visits, Paul and I headed 15 minutes down the road to Sonoma Plaza. Parking was surprisingly easy and free – neither of which I was expecting! Upon arrival, Paul and I did a quick scope of the neighborhood before deciding on a game plan. There were two places that I’d heard really good... read more

August 13th

TV Show Binge: UK Edition

I write this post by candlelight due to the rain and grey outside my window (well, maybe not candlelight, but it is very dreary and I figured I should set the mood). Therefore, it is the perfect time to binge watch some TV shows from across the pond. Let’s just say the Brits gets me. FYI- all... read more

August 8th

Sonoma Valley Travels (Part One)

A few days ago Paul and I found ourselves in the lovely oasis that is Sonoma Valley, the little sister to California’s other famous wine region, Napa Valley, which we had visited a few years earlier. All the reviews raved about Sonoma and its downtown, so we were thrilled to check it out. For this... read more

August 6th

St. Louis Travels

This past week was my first time in St. Louis! Paul had visited twice before and was excited to show me around! The weather was warm and humid during the day, but cool and breezy at night – just in time for our exploring. Due to work obligations we mostly stayed in Clayton, a business... read more

August 5th

Weekend Recap

The weekend was a low-key one – finally. After traveling for two straight weeks, St. Louis and then Northern CA, we were excited to have a few moments to relax! Paul and I binge watched Homeland, drank Skatalites in Jalisco (a lovely drink I had for the first time in St. Louis, more to come)... read more