September 26th

Weekend Reading

First off, how sexy sexy is the little image above?!?!? It made me blush and smile at the same time, just what I want from a picture and what better way to say happy weekend!!!!! Paul and I have a few short days left before our trip to San Diego! The timing could not have been more... read more

September 26th

Fall Fashion Picks: Part Two

Recently, Paul and I got into a discussion of high-waisted shorts after reading this article. Not being a fan of that particular trend, my only defense was that everyone loves a comeback! That being said, Paul and I are typically on the same page when it comes to style: minimalist, classic, and neutral with plenty of... read more

September 23rd

Our Picks: Mt. Washington Valley, NH

A few weeks ago Paul and I visited his parents’ place in New Hampshire. They are located just down the street from the adorable village that is North Conway. Personally I love this area because it has the perfect mix of New England charm along with both year-around and seasonal activities; skiing, tubing, and snowboarding in... read more

September 20th

Fall Fashion Picks

Let’s just say the last few days have definitely been chilly ones! It is no longer safe to venture outside without a sweater and pants. In what feels like only a few days it went from 80s to 60s. Therefore, it seems like the perfect time to talk fall wardrobe. In preparation for our big... read more

September 19th

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend! Paul and I will be spending the weekend in Newport for the Food and Wine Festival (birthday gift from Paul) which will take place along Rose Cliff. What a better place to sip champy than in a Mansion on a cliff overlooking the ocean – how very New England! More on the Festival to... read more

September 16th

Cape Cod: Chatham Bars Inn and More

In a full New England Summer spot swing, Paul and I hopped from Rhode Island to New Hampshire and then to Massachusetts, specifically Cape Cod. My parents both grew up in Cape Cod and I have spent every summer there from birth up until college. My parents aren’t shy about professing their love for mid-cape... read more

September 12th

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend! Won’t lie – I am extra excited for this weekend! Tomorrow, I will be meeting up with my newly engaged best friend, (in town from Austin) who I haven’t seen in over a year!!! We will be doing all the obligatory “your engaged and your my best friend” festivities; dress fittings, wineries and... read more

September 11th

Our Picks: Wildwood, NJ

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Paul and I took a mini-vacation to Southern Jersey. While there, we were lucky enough to explore some new openings along with some old favorites. Wildwood is probably best known for their boardwalk (almost 2 miles long) which stretches along the beach. On the boardwalk there is your... read more

September 10th

Summertime in New Hampshire

Paul’s parents just recently bought a vacation spot in the Mt. Washington area of New Hampshire. Located just down the street from the adorable downtown of North Conway and just around the corner from the Jackson Mountain ski area, the condo sits perfectly “just out of town”, yet still close enough to great food and great... read more

September 6th

Weekend Reading

I write this post from Philly airport en route to San Diego!  I will be spending the majority of my long weekend apartment hunting. Wish me luck! In the meantime, check out some of my fav links from around the web! Happy Weekend! The Myth of Effortless How to brew coffee yummy pizza recipe un-official state... read more