November 21st

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend guys. I will be kicking things off with a lovely run by the water listening to Slate’s digest of yesterday’s episode of Serial. In case you it, you can read more about my love for Serial in last week’s post. Also, hoping to check out a new restaurant called Parq which just opened up... read more

November 20th

My Skincare Picks

One of my friends as me recently what was my current skincare routine (key word being current). While I have some standalone products that have always been repeat purchases, I am not as loyal when it comes to skincare products. The main reason for this is that my skin changes from season to season. Typically winter... read more

November 13th

My Favorite Online Shops

Over the years I have drastically changed the way that I shop for clothes. In my younger years I would visit the mall on the regular and even try to catch up with friends while also trying to shop – nice in theory, but it never works! So, falling in love with stores during travel that... read more

November 7th

Weekend Reading

Hey guys! As you saw in my last post, it’s San Diego Beer week so we will extend our SD exploration into some of the many awesome breweries scattered across this glorious city. Check out some of my fav picks from the internet this week! girls season four preview chart me up! and some cute animal shots... read more

November 7th

San Diego Beer Week

Happy Weekend! To get you guys in the mood, check out K&P’s picks for San Diego Beer Week! What better place to drink beer in November than a city that’s 70 and sunny!!!! San Diego Brewers Guild Festival Friday (7th) 6-9p & Saturday 2-5p at Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier VIP night is on Friday and includes... read more

November 6th

Podcast Love: Serial

Ok so first let’s talk podcasts – they certainly have come a long way since the days I used to listen to them in college. Let’s just say it’s so much easier when you have a smart phone, on which you can download, delete and listen to podcasts all on the go! For a long... read more

November 5th

Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

In an effort to get to know our new surroundings, Paul and I have really tried to immerse ourselves into all things San Diego. We attend the farmers market every Saturday, we took the Green Line out to Old Town for the Día de Muertos celebration, and we have tickets to the upcoming Wine and Food Fest!... read more