July 18th

Anniversary Traditions

This past Friday marked the one year anniversary of our wedding. Given that Paul are not very traditional there was no frozen wedding cake , no baby christening (if you are familiar with the origin of this cake tradition) and no gift of paper.

There was, however, a new tradition! Paul, the wonderful man that he is, knows that I like traditions. That being said I like traditions that are in line with my values and therefore I like to create my own and we did just that!

A new set of champagne glasses every year, christened with champagne and oysters! We inadvertently started this when I made sure to grab the two champagne coupes that Paul sipped from during our wedding toast. Due to our horrible experience with the photographer we don’t have a lot of memories from our wedding. We do however have our toasting coupes, which we use on a regular basis!!! This year we had another pair to add to the family!