May 13th

Cali Travels: Gilroy

On our way to San Luis, my lover and I made a quick stop in Gilroy, California. One because it was on the way and two because it is the garlic capital of the world, so… yeah! Located in the southernmost part of Santa Clara and nestled at the base of the mountains, Gilroy had several pretty amazing vistas. Paul and I pulled into the Garlic Shoppe to see what cool snacks we could grab for the road, and I assure you we were not disappointed.

After loading up on all things garlic, we popped over to the winery next door for some garlic wine because when in Gilroy, right? If you’ve never tried it before, garlic wine is a unique taste that deserves at least a try.

If you’re ever nearby, it is worth a pit stop. Be sure to check out the Garlic Shoppe (obvs) and if you are looking for more than just snacks, head down the road to OD’s Kitchen. Make sure to get a side of garlic fries with whatever you order!!!