September 16th

Cape Cod: Chatham Bars Inn and More

In a full New England Summer spot swing, Paul and I hopped from Rhode Island to New Hampshire and then to Massachusetts, specifically Cape Cod. My parents both grew up in Cape Cod and I have spent every summer there from birth up until college. My parents aren’t shy about professing their love for mid-cape and that is typically where we would stay. That being said, I made it my mission after college to explore the other parts of the Cape, despite my mother’s warnings about 6a traffic. I know, there will be traffic – haha.

This summer my little sister and her boyfriend (who had been to the Cape for the first time last year) were able to join us, making the trip especially exciting! I started my mornings with a run along the beach and yummy iced coffee from this little shack within walking distance of my parent’s house. On Saturday we explored Chatham Main street and walked along the rows of beautiful houses toward the water until we approached Chatham Bars Inn. It was the perfect spot for a beachside cocktail after a long walk.

The Inn is perhaps a perfect representation of Cape Cod, which is why it it is the perfect spot to show out-of-towners. Overall the trip spanned just a few days, but during those few days the weather was beautiful. We enjoyed plenty of seafood, chowder, and champy (just as anyone visiting the Cape should!). More details on our favorite spots to come!




Lovely house we passed on our walk in Chatham with moody skys


Wine Tasting


Perfect place to catch a breath 


The dock that my Grampie used to keep his Tugboat!



Cute garage / My two fav streets to run!


River Street- a bit overcast but still pretty!