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November 20th

My Skincare Picks

One of my friends as me recently what was my current skincare routine (key word being current). While I have some standalone products that have always been repeat purchases, I am not as loyal when it comes to skincare products. The main reason for this is that my skin changes from season to season. Typically winter... read more

July 24th

Buy Again Products

Ok when I say buy again I mean bought again, and again. In fact, I have purchased all of these products at least three times. They are wonder products! While I am loyal to most things, (Volvo for life) I am not when it comes to products. I have tried almost every dry shampoo, hairspray,... read more

June 20th

Weekend Reading

Paul and I are off to NYC for the weekend! We will be going to the Flute Champagne School to learn more about vintage champagne (read: drink champagne). What a better way to kick off the first day of summer than with a little bubbly?!? And after we’ve had our fill and improved our palate, we will be... read more