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November 13th

My Favorite Online Shops

Over the years I have drastically changed the way that I shop for clothes. In my younger years I would visit the mall on the regular and even try to catch up with friends while also trying to shop – nice in theory, but it never works! So, falling in love with stores during travel that... read more

October 15th

Shopbop Sale Picks

One of my favorite stores is having a huge sale!!! Use code “FRIEND25” anytime between Oct. 14-16th for an additional 25% off! Bonus: if you are an Amazon Prime member you can get free two-day shipping when you sign in using your Prime account. Now – hop to it!   1/2/3/4/5/6

September 26th

Fall Fashion Picks: Part Two

Recently, Paul and I got into a discussion of high-waisted shorts after reading this article. Not being a fan of that particular trend, my only defense was that everyone loves a comeback! That being said, Paul and I are typically on the same page when it comes to style: minimalist, classic, and neutral with plenty of... read more

September 20th

Fall Fashion Picks

Let’s just say the last few days have definitely been chilly ones! It is no longer safe to venture outside without a sweater and pants. In what feels like only a few days it went from 80s to 60s. Therefore, it seems like the perfect time to talk fall wardrobe. In preparation for our big... read more

August 29th

Labor Day Sale Picks

For some reason I was caught up in moving plans and completely lost track of the date, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that Monday is Labor Day! In addition to the extra day off, this means there will also be a plethora of sales. Find my sale picks below! Cheers to the long weekend! 1/2/3/4/5/6/7... read more

July 31st

Beach Packing

Paul and I just got back from California late last night after a long, cross-country flight. Our visit came right after a week in St. Louis, and while the weather was nice in both places, the weather in California was beyond lovely. Days reached into the high 80s nights cooled off to the mid 70s. While Paul and I spent... read more

July 10th

Portland (ME) Packing

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Paul and I are heading out to Portland, ME for a fun little getaway weekend! We hope to fill our days with lots of exploring, eating and boozing! Also, we will be quite active and will need to be prepared with comfy-yet-stylish attire. Check out what made it into our... read more

July 8th

Summertime Picnics

In keeping up with my summer bucket list, I have been wanting to organize a beach-side picnic. Since we will be in Cape May for the next few days, now is the time! Besides packing the perfect cheese plate (I’m thinking some Iberico, Manchego, and maybe a Roncal – what can I say we love... read more

July 4th

Happy Fourth!

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays mainly because it is an excuse to celebrate (and because its warm)! Gotta love any party that happens when it’s warm and sunny! The past two years we spent the holiday in DC, which was just lovely. DC had such spirit over the long weekend and... read more

July 3rd

Fashion on the Fourth: Beachside

Kileen and I may differ on what we’d like to do on a warm, summer’s day (the classic beach vs. pool discussion), but there’s no debating beachside fashion. Below you’ll find some of our favorite summer attire, all of which is perfectly designed for a weekend at the beach (but don’t forget your sunscreen)!! Now our only question... read more