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January 31st

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend! Paul and I kicked our weekend off with champagne and takeout as it was a bit overcast and rainy. It seems the sun is coming and therefore we are off to the beach! Before we Uber, I will be making a quick pit stop at my fav coffee shop at the farmer’s market around the... read more

January 25th

Weekend Reading

First, even if you don’t follow up on all the links below (which would be at travesty), at a minimum you need to listen to The Secret History of Thoughts from NPR’s new series entitled Invisibilia. This episode features three different stories all about – you guessed it – the power of our thoughts. The last one is... read more

January 17th

Weekend Reading

This week was a pretty wild one at work, but it’s finally the weekend and jalapeño cocktails, here we come! We are enjoying the last day or two of Southern California 70s before heading off to a client in New Jersey next week, so we’ll soon need the extra heat. Here are some good reads to check... read more

January 2nd

Weekend Reading

Happy New Year!! Kileen and I are enjoying a relaxing, work-free week and trying out some new healthy recipes (yes those count)! Next week we’ll be in LA to kick off a new project so in the meantime here are a few links we’ve found between holiday meals! Duuude we can finally go to White Castle! High Performance… Plant-Based… Protein Burger?... read more

December 24th

Gifts for the SD Local!

As a final part of my gift series I wanted to give a shout out to SD with these local gems. If you are in the area and struggling to complete the rest of your list, be sure to visit: love & aesthetic, progress, and pigment! 1. Geo Wooden Candle Set: Lovely set that can be used... read more

December 22nd

Gifts for the hard to please

For those of you who haven’t finished your holiday shopping and, like me, are racking your brain about what to get those hard to please people in your life, below are some gift ideas that will help for those on your list that either have everything or never like anything :-) 1. Magnetic gold frames: If you’re like... read more

December 19th

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend! Paul and I plan to have a lovely little dinner date tonight before we make our holiday trek to Connecticut. We are trying out Nobu’s Miso Black Cod from his lovely cookbook that Paul gifted me for my birthday. If I get at least halfway close to the original I will be overjoyed. It will... read more

December 18th

Gifts for the entertainer

Hey!!! Happy almost holidays! Paul and I decided to do a gift series in which we pick some lovely little gems that will be surely please even the pickiest of friends. Check out some options below for the host/hostess, none of which include a bottle of wine! 1. Champagne Coupes: A lovely modern take on a vintage classic-... read more

November 21st

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend guys. I will be kicking things off with a lovely run by the water listening to Slate’s digest of yesterday’s episode of Serial. In case you it, you can read more about my love for Serial in last week’s post. Also, hoping to check out a new restaurant called Parq which just opened up... read more

November 7th

Weekend Reading

Hey guys! As you saw in my last post, it’s San Diego Beer week so we will extend our SD exploration into some of the many awesome breweries scattered across this glorious city. Check out some of my fav picks from the internet this week! girls season four preview chart me up! and some cute animal shots... read more