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July 2nd

Cali Travels: San Francisco

A week or so ago Paul and I spent a long weekend up in San Francisco for my birthday! On the same day a few years ago, Paul and I found ourselves in the same city celebrating a birthday and an engagement, so we have nothing but the fondest memories of the city! Despite it being... read more

June 19th

Upstate NY Travels: Wine Country

For Memorial Day weekend, I had the privilege of spending a long weekend with my best friend for her bridal shower / bachelorette weekend!  I flew in from San Diego and she from Denver into the tiny airport that is Rochester (known as the ROC). We then drove down a seemingly endless supply of very... read more

June 4th

KP Travels: Sydney (part two)

On our last full day in town, my lover and I took a leisurely stroll down to the Sydney Fish Market. This one-stop shop is a working port, wholesale market, bakery, sushi bar, and the list goes on… It’s actually the third largest of its kind in the world, but just to give you some... read more

June 3rd

KP Travels: Sydney (Part One)

After our week in Parramatta, we took the (very convenient, affordable and efficient) train to downtown Sydney. Per usual, I had spent a bit of time researching the proper neighborhood for us to spend the weekend. Obviously I wanted the neighborhood itself to be fitting to our style, but also I wanted close proximity to... read more

May 21st

Aussieland Travels: Parramatta

A few weeks ago my lover and I were lucky enough to take a trip to Australia. While it was a work trip and located mostly in the major business district of Parramatta, we extended our stay and took a long weekend of pure exploration and immersion in downtown Sydney just 30 miles away! The cool part of... read more

May 13th

Cali Travels: Gilroy

On our way to San Luis, my lover and I made a quick stop in Gilroy, California. One because it was on the way and two because it is the garlic capital of the world, so… yeah! Located in the southernmost part of Santa Clara and nestled at the base of the mountains, Gilroy had... read more

May 2nd

KP Picks: Santa Barbara

As mentioned in our previous post, Paul and I recently spent the weekend in Santa Barbara and lovely doesn’t even begin to describe this adorable little town. Not only does it boast perfect weather and beautiful water views, there are plenty of wineries, shops and restaurants all in a VERY walkable downtown. We would be lying if we... read more

April 24th

Cali Travels: Santa Barbara

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Paul and I had work outside of San Francisco and rather than fly, we decided to take the scenic route up the Pacific Coast Highway through as many quaint, beach towns as we could. First stop on the itinerary: Santa Barbara. While we had never visited the city... read more

March 28th

SoCal Travels: Pacific Beach

A few weekends back Paul and I visited Pacific Beach! As a part of our goal of getting to know San Diego better Pacific Beach was a key neighborhood we were excited to explore. Since we had visited Ocean Beach a few weeks ago we were excited to compare the two. PB was a quick 15-minute... read more

March 6th

Roadtrip: California Coast

We have some work scheduled in San Francisco next week and rather than fly, Paul pitched the idea of taking the scenic route and driving up the coast! Before any other discussion, we had to ask ourselves two things: how long is the drive and how many stops will we make. After a back and... read more