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February 26th

SoCal Travels: Ocean Beach

Last weekend Paul and I took a day trip to Ocean Beach. Given our great location in downtown, we quite close to several awesome places less than 30 minutes away, and OB is one of them! We spent the day walking along the pier, then the beach, and then the adorable downtown area. Because it was our first... read more

February 11th

SoCal Travels: La Jolla

Last weekend Paul and I decided to Uber-it to La Jolla. It was Paul’s first visit (I had been once before a few years ago), and we were blessed with shorts-friendly weather and cloudless skies. Our driver dropped us off at the La Jolla caves, we walked along the water into the cove and then... read more

January 31st

Denver Travels

Last week I took a quick trip to Denver to visit my newly engaged bestie! While I was sad to leave the near-perfect 70 degree weather for the freezing tundra that is Denver, a best friend visit is always a good idea. We were able to visit her venue, try on several wedding dresses, and... read more

January 22nd

Tokyo Travels

The above pictures is a shot of the bullet train my lover and I took from Kobe. It was clean, fast and served lots of fun treats. The ride was about 3.5 hours, but flew by in no time. We even passed through the middle of a crazy looking snow storm just outside of Kyoto... read more

January 11th

Kobe Travels

As I had mentioned before, Paul and were lucky enough to have a week-long visit to Japan for work. The flight was direct from San Diego to Tokyo Narita and then we had a commuter flight into Kobe International, so travel wasn’t too bad. The client was actually in Kobe, which is the sixth largest... read more

October 22nd

Autumn in Connecticut

Before our departure for the West Coast, Paul and I spent a long weekend with family back in Connecticut. Fall is arguably the best time to visit in New England! The leaves are changing, the apple orchards are thriving, and it’s the perfect backdrop to celebrate my lovers b-day! Full disclosure: I took most of... read more

October 10th

Farewell Providence (Part One)

Paul and I decided to celebrate one of our last weekends in Providence with an extended stay at the Dean Hotel. We checked in to the lovely Guardian Suite and were greeted with a bottle of celebratory champy (thank you Dean!!). After getting settled in, Paul and I explored our neighborhood for one of the... read more

September 23rd

Our Picks: Mt. Washington Valley, NH

A few weeks ago Paul and I visited his parents’ place in New Hampshire. They are located just down the street from the adorable village that is North Conway. Personally I love this area because it has the perfect mix of New England charm along with both year-around and seasonal activities; skiing, tubing, and snowboarding in... read more

September 16th

Cape Cod: Chatham Bars Inn and More

In a full New England Summer spot swing, Paul and I hopped from Rhode Island to New Hampshire and then to Massachusetts, specifically Cape Cod. My parents both grew up in Cape Cod and I have spent every summer there from birth up until college. My parents aren’t shy about professing their love for mid-cape... read more

September 11th

Our Picks: Wildwood, NJ

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Paul and I took a mini-vacation to Southern Jersey. While there, we were lucky enough to explore some new openings along with some old favorites. Wildwood is probably best known for their boardwalk (almost 2 miles long) which stretches along the beach. On the boardwalk there is your... read more