July 23rd

Farm Stands

On Friday I had the pleasure of renewing my license and having the emissions tested on the car. After looking up the closest DMV location I found myself in Old Saybrook, CT.  Despite having grown up in Connecticut, this was my first visit.  The license renewal went quite smoothly but the emissions testing… not so much. Once both tasks were complete, I stumbled upon an adorable little farm stand on my drive home.

Pop-up farm shops, like Scotts, are my favorite. Inside it had a wonderful selection of plants, produce, and even goat’s milk soap. I picked up some mangos, limes (for cocktails that night of course), and soap. I could not resist the soap. Two young girls came up to me with a basket of samples and pictures of their pet goats. They were adorable and so were their goats! Let’s just say their mother knew what she was doing and her marketing ploy worked. We will not talk about how much I paid for a bar of soap!

Also there was a plethora of samples around ever corner: watermelon, cheddar cheese, berries, oh my! If I wasn’t flying out-of-town the next day things would have gotten a bit crazier! Therefore, if you ever find yourself in the area I would definitely recommend stopping for some picnic supplies before you hit the beach.

If you are not in CT, I found this guide to finding farm stands across all fifty states!