December 24th

Gifts for the SD Local!

As a final part of my gift series I wanted to give a shout out to SD with these local gems. If you are in the area and struggling to complete the rest of your list, be sure to visit: love & aesthetic, progress, and pigment!


1. Geo Wooden Candle Set: Lovely set that can be used year-round.

2. Salt Farm Gourmet Sampler: Move over Pink Himalayan. This lovely set is a perfect addition to any lackluster spice rack!

3. Bird Rock Coffee: Coffee is always a great gift! Make sure to purchase whole beans to ensure freshness.

4. Trolley tote: With a zipper top this carry-all is both functional and fabulous. If only all profits went towards expanding the line!!!!

5. Modern Times Beer:  While I am not a huge beer drinker, I have plenty of friends who are and there is no better way to convince your friends that yes, they should move to the West Coast and live down the street!

BONUS: What better way to try out a trolley tote then on a free ride to Old Town? A pre-paid Compass Card also makes a great gift :-)