June 20th

Weekend Reading

Paul and I are off to NYC for the weekend! We will be going to the Flute Champagne School to learn more about vintage champagne (read: drink champagne). What a better way to kick off the first day of summer than with a little bubbly?!? And after we’ve had our fill and improved our palate, we will be watching the World Cup and getting in on some shopping!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

One of the many reasons I love soccer!

Glad to hear this wonder-product is living up to the hype!

Loving this shade!

If you also find yourself in NYC and are looking for a good World Cup bar, look no further!

Okay and one more awesome soccer-related link – goal cries!

Thank you Zara!

Last but not least… Craziest PSA I’ve seen in a while!