January 11th

Kobe Travels

As I had mentioned before, Paul and were lucky enough to have a week-long visit to Japan for work. The flight was direct from San Diego to Tokyo Narita and then we had a commuter flight into Kobe International, so travel wasn’t too bad. The client was actually in Kobe, which is the sixth largest city in Japan and has a population of over 1.5 million. Since it was a little chilly (40s), we didn’t get much time in downtown Kobe during the week. However, we were able to sneak away to Tokyo for the weekend and explore some truly fascinating places.

First, there is much less English spoken than we anticipated, even at the concierge desk at our hotel. This occasionally made trying to order food or find our way around more difficult than necessary. However, some people did understand us in English and would respond via pen and paper! We also tried to learn simple phrases to help ourselves out a bit. I was able to get by on hello, thank you, excuse me, etc.

Back to Japan itself… Everyone was incredibly nice, the streets were super clean, and there were large, prominent walk-ways everywhere. You will see one in the pictures below along one of the major bridges in Kobe for pedestrians and bikers. The food was very yummy, as was the sake. Paul and I went out with some locals for sushi on the last night with hopes they would order anything and everything – they absolutely exceeded our expectations!


drink dispensers that were all throughout Kobe and Tokyo 


big boy  


view from the bridge


awesome pedestrian walkway lining the bridge! 


tree-lined walkway with plenty of benches


a stone’s throw from our hotel


machi cafe holiday cup!


the subway 


you know the drill


window buddies from breakfast