June 3rd

KP Travels: Sydney (Part One)

After our week in Parramatta, we took the (very convenient, affordable and efficient) train to downtown Sydney. Per usual, I had spent a bit of time researching the proper neighborhood for us to spend the weekend. Obviously I wanted the neighborhood itself to be fitting to our style, but also I wanted close proximity to all other neighborhoods worthy of exploration. Pretty early on it became clear that Surry Hills was the obvious winner.

Surry is a beautiful village closely located to Darlinghurst, Paddington, and downtown, which were the three main neighborhoods we had plans to visit. The first night we took a stroll around our neighborhood to get a lay of the land. Saturday we walked over to the Paddington along Crown Street to Oxford street, which houses a majority of the shops and restaurants, toward the Saturday Market. The Market was a lovely mix of vintage wares, collectibles, and noshes. While there, we got some fish and chips – the perfect after coffee not breakfast but not lunch brunchtime snack!

Paul and I spent the rest of the day walking by The Rocks, stumbling upon outdoor market after outdoor market, and then heading back up to Surry Hills for the evening. Before dinner, we decided to get a drink at The Winery, which was conveniently located just a few blocks from our hotel! Not only did they have a “push for champagne” button, but they also had a lovely list of bubbly cocktails for us to sip. Talk about coming on strong! More to come on Day Two and our Sydney picks! In the meantime, check out some shots from our trip. If you couldn’t tell from the pictures, it is the rainy season… which means it rains for about 10 minutes once a day. That’s fine with us!



land shot of the opera house


around town


the market was in and around a quite charming church


one of the many adorable cafes along Oxford Street


down by the rocks


don’t be fooled by the rocks that I shot


St. Mary’s


cheeky door in Surry Hills


adorbs little shop in the hills – holy kitsch