June 4th

KP Travels: Sydney (part two)

On our last full day in town, my lover and I took a leisurely stroll down to the Sydney Fish Market. This one-stop shop is a working port, wholesale market, bakery, sushi bar, and the list goes on… It’s actually the third largest of its kind in the world, but just to give you some perspective on what is available, Paul and I got coffee, a donut, sushi and prawns all in the hour we were there. Since it was a Sunday, it was extra packed – weaving in and out of the crowds was no minor feat. Had the lines not been so long, our food choices would have only increased.

After finishing up our coffee and performing a thorough scope of all options, Paul and I decided to get a copious helping of sashimi! While heading back to the sushi bar, I ran into an old colleague from my past work at a non-profit. Talk about a small world! Literally the only person I know on the entire continent! Both of us were quite excited about the run in, and she quickly invited us for lunch and a tour of the harbor on her boat, to which we even more quickly agreed!

The afternoon soon went in a very different direction from our plan, but pleasantly so. It goes to show that you should always have a plan and know all options, but when an exciting chance for deviation arises, take it.

We spent then next couple of hours touring the harbor by the sea with plenty of fish, chips, sashimi, prawns and wine, obviously.



as I said, the market was packed


also a lovely chocolate and cheese selection!


the beginning of our harbor tour!


rough waters ahead!


luna park


splashing in the harbor… nbd.


cityscape on our walk home