July 3rd

(Long!) Weekend Reading

Hey hey!!!! Happy July 4th weekend! Very excited to kick this weekend off with a few links. June gloom has subsided (It’s over!!!) and the warmer SD temps that I know and love have moved in – thank god! Good temps means we are heading to the beach! Just a short Uber ride away, Paul and I are off to get some seafood by the sand… Because, ‘merica?!

I have been playing this cover non-stop… i mean?!?!?!

street artist and city worker paint it out

Who designed this highly recognizable paper cup?

Mom’s who work have more successful daughters and caring sons – shout out to my mother in law who produced one of the kindest men I know!

studies show happy sex is enjoyable sex

LOVING this new podcast, Mystery Show!

and this show

Self Portrait can do no wrong!

Really? World Cup edit


Reddit knows better than to annoy its user base

coffee cups from around the world- via insta

undo send – used this for years, apparently it wasn’t a part of everyone’s regular email routine…until now!

bubble notifications

a trick for better hummus

what happens to your brain when you can’t stay awake

crimes against cheese

homemade lemon candles

staying in a floating house on the Thames

sleep tricks used by the experts

this time last week

this time last month

this time last year