June 9th

On Running

I was never much of an athlete as a kid. While I did play lots of sports, it was always for fun and nothing of the serious nature. Part of if was that my father was a serial coach. Since he was always the coach, that meant we had to play, always.

On the other hand, my husband takes sports very seriously and knows the most random facts and stats for almost every sport. He played all the typical childhood sports (like myself) basketball, tee-ball, soccer, etc. The difference however, was that I was definitely over it by eight grade and Paul continued to play baseball through college.

That all being said, I never thought I would be very good at running because of lack of interest in athletic competition. However, the best part of running is it’s all about you: you are only competing with yourself. Running is at your pace.

Another bonus: finding your trail! In DC, Paul and I lived right by the Rock Creek Park, which is beautiful. While I always preferred the path through the woods mixed with a bit of street running, Paul would gravitate towards the water; in this case, the Georgetown Waterfront.

Anyway, I have been running for about three years now and my biggest takeaway would be:

Run Outside!

Granted the weather isn’t always nice, sometimes it’s cold, rainy, etc. However, when you can, run outside. That being said, I strongly recommend making up your own rules surrounding temperature and safety. I have a temperature cutoff of 45 degrees, mainly because I naturally run pretty cold and my happiness is very closely correlated to how warm I feel.

Worse comes to worse you will be smarter and you will have plenty of time to think about things!