September 11th

Our Picks: Wildwood, NJ

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Paul and I took a mini-vacation to Southern Jersey. While there, we were lucky enough to explore some new openings along with some old favorites. Wildwood is probably best known for their boardwalk (almost 2 miles long) which stretches along the beach. On the boardwalk there is your fair share of pizza, ice cream, and tons of other treats that are synonymous with carnivals!

Check out our favorite food picks below:


Dogtooth Bar and Grill:

A causal spot with good food and strong drinks. Be forewarned – it’s always packed, even in the off-season. They have an American menu with a few fun twists you could only find by the coast! During the summer they offer a Lobster Roll and it’s one of Paul’s favs! I would recommend their Mussels which is served with grilled ciabatta bread and in a delicious garlic broth! Also, they have a nice selection of flatbreads in you are in that kinda mood (and on Tuesdays when they are $5 a piece, Paul is always in that mood!).

Poppi’s Brick Oven Pizza:

I know a lot of people would shudder at the thought of an off-boardwalk pizza place. That being said, Poppi’s (despite the name) is worth the detour. With such topping as  arugula, figs, broccoli rabe and black truffle this spot definitely has a targeted audience. Like Dogtooth (same owners), this spot is open year round.

Little Nicky’s:

Since we are talking NJ Boardwalk we have to talk pizza, traditional NJ style pizza that is. Out of all the spots on the board walk Little Nicky’s is my fav. Full disclosure, I am very biased, this is my Lover’s fav spot (since childhood) and makes him more happy than most things! Therefore, this is one of my favorite places in the world!

Vegas Diner:

This diner is both a local and tourist favorite! Great omelette choices, friendly people, and an overall feeling that you are in a place immune to change no matter how much the town around it changes, all make this place a must-visit. Paul has gone to Vegas Diner at least once every year for his entire life and doesn’t plan to stop!


Joe’s Fish:

A little spot on the boardwalk that has a lovely rooftop patio. While the drinks aren’t anything special, (they have a standard American bar-type drink menu) and the decent wine list, the reason you come to this spot is the view! I recommend going at dusk and getting a spot upstairs, that way, you can watch the sunset over the water,


Stuey’s Juice Bar & Bistro:

This is probably the most “me” place I have spotted in all of Southern Jersey. I actually ran right by the place the first time I was in the area! The name Stuey’s doesn’t scream juice bar oasis, but who am I to judge. That being said, this spot rocks! They have bangin’ iced coffee, fresh made-to-order juices and awesome breakfast and lunch options. The only con is they are only open till 2p and are closed on Tuesdays. I really hope next year they have relocated to an off-boardwalk storefront and expanded their menu to include dinner, please?!?