November 6th

Podcast Love: Serial

Ok so first let’s talk podcasts – they certainly have come a long way since the days I used to listen to them in college. Let’s just say it’s so much easier when you have a smart phone, on which you can download, delete and listen to podcasts all on the go! For a long time I totally wrote off podcasts purely because of how annoying the process was back in the day, but I’m glad I got over that! For those still in the dark… Ira can explain.

Moving on – have you listened to Serial?!?!?! If not, you definitely need to as it is an awesome podcast and you can thank me later! From the creators of This American Life, Serial is a story about a real life high school murder unraveled week by week and spread over twelve weeks. Currently there are six seven (came out today) episodes available for download.  As mentioned, a new podcast is added every Thursday and if you’re like me and can’t get enough, there is also an episode recap podcast via Slate. Yes, that is correct, Serial is so good that an outside station dedicates a whole podcast just to chatting about the most recent episode. This is especially awesome because it’s an awesome way relive the episode and to hear other people’s reactions & insight!

So, two things you should take into consideration: one, my description does not do the podcast justice, and two, I’m not really into the whole murder mysteries, CSI/ Law & Order/ SVU schtick. Check it out!