February 26th

SoCal Travels: Ocean Beach

Last weekend Paul and I took a day trip to Ocean Beach. Given our great location in downtown, we quite close to several awesome places less than 30 minutes away, and OB is one of them! We spent the day walking along the pier, then the beach, and then the adorable downtown area. Because it was our first time visiting and we didn’t really know the area (plus this was a last minute adventure), we didn’t really have anything planned.

Fortunately we stumbled upon an adorable bar that had sprawling views of the water and is known for its sunset toast and, believe it or not, we arrived just 20 minutes to sunset! Our bartender, John, was just lovely! I can’t get over how friendly everyone is here and in the surrounding neighborhoods – it’s just the best!

K&P Picks:

South Beach Bar & Grill for tacos and mai tais
Ob Warehouse for beer and brunch
Wonderland Ocean Pub for drinks with sunset and beach views
OB People’s Market for beach basket goodies

If you are ever in the area (especially around sunset) I would definitely recommend visiting Wonderland Ocean Pub for their view, drinks and food!