August 8th

Sonoma Valley Travels (Part One)

A few days ago Paul and I found ourselves in the lovely oasis that is Sonoma Valley, the little sister to California’s other famous wine region, Napa Valley, which we had visited a few years earlier. All the reviews raved about Sonoma and its downtown, so we were thrilled to check it out. For this trip, we decided to do a healthy mix of vineyard visits and wine tastings, but also wanted to leave enough time to explore Sonoma Plaza.

So, we rented a car and took the short trip from San Francisco to wine paradise – what a glorious ride! If anyone needs convincing on the magic that is CA, take them on a jaunt through wine country or the Pacific Coast Highway! It’s one of the few places I’ve visited where I feel like the area just gets me – an abundance of produce and sun and general happiness… thank you CA!

Anyway, our first stop was a vineyard that specialized in sparkling wine because what else do I want to spend my Sunday doing!?!?! Gloria Ferrer was the perfect mix of classic, Mediterranean architecture and beautiful, expansive views that have become so synonymous with coastal California. Paul and I had the Glorious Taster Flight, which included the 2005 Royal Cuvee, the Blanc de Noir, and the Va de Vi. Funny thing is Paul and I had opposite reactions to our favorites: Paul rated them (in order) 2,3,1 and I rated them 2,1,3, one being the highest. This worked out well because there was extra Blanc de Noir for me and Va de Vi for Paul – score!  A little background on the Royal Cuvee – apparently this was the Ferrer’s first vintage and was served to the King and Queen of Spain in 1987, then later named after them!

After Gloria Ferrer, we decided to head a bit north to our next vineyard and, ultimately, to Sonoma Plaza, but that deserves its own post! More to come soon :-)


Gloria Ferrer- here we come!


Holy Vineyard


Tasting Time!


 I Begged a Bystander to Take a Pic, Beats a Selfie!


 Our Ride (I wish)