August 14th

Sonoma Valley Travels (Part Two)

After our vineyard visits, Paul and I headed 15 minutes down the road to Sonoma Plaza. Parking was surprisingly easy and free – neither of which I was expecting! Upon arrival, Paul and I did a quick scope of the neighborhood before deciding on a game plan. There were two places that I’d heard really good things about for potential lunch spots, Harvest Moon Cafe and The Girl & The Fig, but we decided to first do a tasting and see if we could drum up some suggestions from the locals.

While wondering we stumbled upon this adorbs little spot called Sigh, which is a Champagne and Sparkling wine tasting room. The place itself was cozy and not too crowded, and Paul and I got a lovely little corner spot. The woman who helped us was very knowledgeable about champagne and Sonoma in general, so she was the perfect person to give a recommendation. We settled on the Gold Tasting, obvs, which included Jean Laurent Brut Rose, Nicolaas Feuillatte Brut Reserve, Ironhorse Wedding Cuvee and Graham Beck Brut Rose. Unlike our last tasting, Paul and I were on the same page with ranking, 2,3,4,1 (one being the highest). The Graham Beck Brut Rose was quite lovely! Hopefully we will be lucky enough to visit the winery when we tour South Africa!

Following our flight, Paul and I walked over to The Girl and the Fig (thank you, woman at Sigh, for the recommendation!). Paul and I decided to sit at the bar because it was lively and there were two perfect seats right at the end. That said, if you are considering a more formal dining experience, I definitely recommend you make a reservation and request a seat in their back patio. I got the Fig Royal and Paul ordered the Fig Fashioned. Both drinks were just lovely and included the homemade fig liquor because, you know… when in Rome! We also ordered a bowl of mussels to share.  Nearly every review about the mussels was positive and I agree with all of them!!! They came out served in a garlic leek broth with grilled bread and frites – just yummy! Had it not been such an awkward eating time (4pm), I could have ordered most of the menu. In case you couldn’t tell by the name there was no shortage of fig and I love figs, but naturally I had to make sure to save room for fish tacos!!!

The ride back was a little traffic-ey but not too bad considering we were going to the Hamptons of the West Coast on a Sunday. Apparently there was some kind of race going on that weekend and Sonoma was a lot less crowded that it usually is, so we will call it beginners luck!



Adorbs Hotel


Champy bottles at Sigh


Around town


The Girl & the Fig- must visit


Mussels and Frites- amaze!


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