November 5th

Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

In an effort to get to know our new surroundings, Paul and I have really tried to immerse ourselves into all things San Diego. We attend the farmers market every Saturday, we took the Green Line out to Old Town for the Día de Muertos celebration, and we have tickets to the upcoming Wine and Food Fest!

However, one of our coolest excursions thus far has been the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge. Now I’d heard about this lovely little gem just a weekend before, but fortunately the stars aligned – that is, it was just up a street from us and Paul was in a walking mood – enough for us to venture out and visit!

Built in 1912 as a pedestrian passageway over the deep canyon to join two development neighborhoods and give access to the 5th ave trolley line, this bridge is the only one of its kind in the US and stretches 375 feet across Kate Sessions Canyon. In an effort to maintain the integrity of the vegetation below, the bridge was built 70 feet above and leaves the plants below undisturbed.


let’s do this 


def creepy vibe to the stairs



ignore the sitting stranger who killed my shot


bridge selfie – hey y’all!