May 23rd

The New Old Vegas

When I think of Vegas I immediately think of The Strip. I think of Caesars Palace, The Venetian, and The Bellagio. Paul and I had visited Old Vegas – or Downtown – during my first visit to Vegas and it was exactly my style. So when Paul and I were in Vegas again entertaining a first timer, I knew it would be on the list and I wasn’t exactly psyched. However, and much to my surprise, we stumbled upon a truly charming area just past Fremont Street, complete with a few adorable restaurants, social bars, and the crown jewel: a structure they call Container Park.

“The 56,000-square-foot Container Park from Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and his Downtown Project urban redevelopment company opens this afternoon to showcase dining options, boutiques and more in pre-built shipping containers and purpose-built “X Cube” building structures.

Enter through Fremont Street to access the park that contains The Catalyst Dome, a 360-degree video projection space, the fire-breathing praying mantis from Burning Man and a 24-foot Swiss Family Robinson tree house.”

While in town:

For Coffee:
The Beat: Adorable little coffee shop just past Park on Fremont. It is your perfect pit stop for a huge iced coffee with almond milk on the way to Container park. Don’t forget to add a bit of nutmeg and cinnamon to the top and give it a nice swirl!

For Drinks:
Velveteen Rabbit: This decidedly unpretentious bar severs up eclectic (but cheap) cocktails. The space is filled with re-finished furniture and trompe-l’oeil wallpaper. The vibe is homey and whimsical. I recommend getting God’s Gift. Just look for the neon bunny sign right along Main Street. Keep in mind it does tend to get crowded but, they do have a patio, holla!

For Food:
Simply Pure: this is a fun veggie spot in Container Park. It is cheap and yummy! I would recommend the Raw Leaf tacos! 

Park on Fremont is a few blocks down from the Golden Nugget. It is a lovely little gastro-pub with a great drink and a unique menu! The interior is cozy and eclectic. However, if the weather permits, I would defiantly request a seat outside! They have a lovely garden patios complete with string lights!!! I would recommend their garden burger (made in-house) with guacamole and a glass of white peach sangria!!!

For more information on container park and other Sin City Hotspots check out Vegas Eater!


Downtown Vegas


Outside of Container Park


Balcony within the Park/ Playground in center of Park