May 30th

The Other Portland (Maine)

Visiting Portland, Maine has been an item on our bucket list for quite some time now. Therefore, as part of our effort to visit New England we planned a quick weekend getaway! Given my love for coffee and Paul’s love for food, there was no shortage of drinking and noshing this weekend. We hope to go back soon when it is a bit warmer!

While in Town:


We went to Speckled Ax, Coffee by Design and Crema. Out of the three I would definitely recommend Speckled Ax. While there, be sure to try the Kenyan pour over! If you in more of a lounging mood, I would check out Crema as they had tons of space to sit and a very cozy atmosphere.


Definitely check out J’s Oyster on the Portland Pier. It’s a bit divey, but very, very good. I got oysters and Paul got the lobster roll! Also, Eventide Oyster Co. is a nice spot for dinner. If you are in the mood for something sweet you should definitely check out the Holy Doughnut! Paul and I got the Dark Chocolate Vanilla Glazed. If you are looking for some room snacks, Rosemont Market and Bakery is the perfect spot.


Grace is my top pick! Their ambiance is just as good as their drinks. I got the French 75 (which was definitely in my top five) and Paul got an Old Fashioned. Also, if you are looking to bring back some bottles there was a lovely wine shop (with very knowledgeable staff) called Old Port Wine. Paul worked with the owner to select a bottle (a sparkling Malbec, which was amazing) to have in our room upon arrival!



Speckled Ax and Coffee By Design visits


Grace Church, probably the coolest bar ever / Rosemont Market & Bakery, definitely a must visit! 


My lover at The Holy Donut, awesome potato based treats!


Downtown Portland