January 22nd

Tokyo Travels

The above pictures is a shot of the bullet train my lover and I took from Kobe. It was clean, fast and served lots of fun treats. The ride was about 3.5 hours, but flew by in no time. We even passed through the middle of a crazy looking snow storm just outside of Kyoto on the journey! However, despite the ease at which we found our way through Kobe to the train station, there was a huge amount of relief once we finally sat down on the train.

Since we had limited time there, only a few things made the final itinerary cut. Upon arriving, we checked into the Dai-ichi Hotel, which sits perfectly in Ginza, less than a mile from Tokyo station, and right next to the train station (and thank god – talk about a festering worry!).

After checking in, we headed out to go visit my top bucket list item, Fukuro no Mise (the owl café). Given the popularity of this attraction, there is often a line and time slots sell out fast. So, since that night was the only time we would be able to make it, we both crossed our fingers as we started the scenic, 30-minute trek over. Despite having what I considered a pretty plentiful karma bank, luck was not on our side and the café was filled for the evening. Although I thoroughly bummed, sake and sushi were in our future so how angry could we really be?

So, despite the whirlwind nature of our visit to Japan, I think we can still declare Japan as probably the coolest place we’ve ever been. It was totally our jam. From the sheer amount of public transportation to the overall cleanliness and energy… There was an endless amount of things to do, eat and see… just amazing! I truly hope to go back for a while (slash live there forever??)!


One of our first sights while walking from the train station to the hotel – Paul was nervous I was going to leave him and join the crowds!


Adorbs popup coffee truck – unfortunately, I had just gotten coffee a minute beforehand


The name says it all


One of the many dessert counters at the depachika


Very excited to finally have a macron from Laduree, although I always assumed my first one would have been in Paris…


Oysters the size of a Giant’s ear – I am kicking myself for not getting at least one a dozen!


Sushi on my sushi!!