April 1st

Weekday Reading

Sorry for the radio silence! We had a bit of hospital scare on our way back from San Luis. Luckily the everything is ok and I am in full recovery!  More to come on Santa Barbara, San Luis and our road trip up the coast! In the meantime, check out some fun articles to get you through the week!

easy sugar hacks

Hilariously wine reviews

haha…don’t ask what I’m writing

For you crazy peep lovers

deep fried Cadbury eggs!

For the crazy animal lover in your life…

Gorgeous cooking site

What happens when 480 days Paternity leave is the norm

Still NYC

Portobello Road– this is number one on my list for our London visit this summer!!!

which makes me think of this lovely scene from one of my fav childhood movies…

this time last week

and last month