October 10th

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend guys! It’s been a lovely week here in Sun Diego and I look forward to an even lovelier weekend! I’m hoping to continue my SD exploration and yes that means you, North Park and Hillcrest! We didn’t quite make it that far last weekend because of all the things to do in Little Italy and Downtown, and even as I say that Little Italy Festa happens to be this Sunday!!! It’s an all day event and the perfect way to spend our Sunday Funday – more to come after the event!

The photo (shown above) made me laugh mainly because if you have ever met my family you will know that my mom is on the shorter side 5’3” and my Dad is on the taller side at 6’2”, and most unfortunately all the height skipped my older sister and I, going straight to my younger sister and brother – bastards!

What are you guys up to this weekend? Please, don’t all respond at once ;)

love this article about “hair regrowth” after Paul and I noticed Jeff Perry’s new do.

kid’s breakfast from around the globe

on cooking dinner – I can barely cook for myself, I can’t imagine feeding a family of four…

cinemas of India

donating your lunch money to Wikipedia- yes!

would you sit in one of these hammocks?

minimalist lifestyles – thank you!

book deal coverage: Aziz vs Lena, thoughts?

loving this vest after my J.Crew version sold out

this is how I sometimes feel at a fancy restaurant (Paul here!)

you had me at the soccer of booze, “Like most other spirits laced with anise, it’s sort of like soccer: something of indisputable greatness that is better appreciated elsewhere in the world than it is here.” – sad but true, silly american football…

things to make next week better – I attribute a large amount of my happy demeanor to always have something to look forward to – weather it is created by myself or others!

I love a good dick joke – the grammar (or lack there of) was very important on that sentence ;)

Speaking of dick jokes, when Elon unveils his D, people get excited.

in case you are living underground and haven’t heard- my sister from a different mister got the Nobel Peace Prize!!!!!


this time last week and last month