October 17th

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend everyone! After our weekly visit to the farmers market for some iced coffee and samosas (obvs!), we are going to take the ferry into Coronado for the Sea + Food Dining Event along with a fun beachside exploring. The weather – believe it or not – looks gorgeous, and there are simply a ton of places in Coronado that we’ve been dying to visit.

One other important aspect to this weekend is our first taste of San Diego pizza. We’ve been scouring Yelp and have a few places in mind. More on that next week!!

love these new pieces from Gray Malin, no surprise there!

throughly enjoying this cape

just another cool job that I cannot do

translating the untranslatable

colbert on getting into character

if you are ever in Boston and need a place to stay

love this dress

bono on wearing sunglasses indoors – bet you feel like a jerk now!

running your fashion house like a tech company – plus I love this brand!

exercising off soda

let’s explore!!!!