October 31st

Weekend Reading

Very excited for Halloween this weekend!!! We are not expecting many any trick or treaters since we live at the top of a high-rise in the very un-suburban part of SD. However, it seems like India Street, just a block over from us, will be having a whole trick or treating event that will stretch throughout the neighborhood. Also, on the more adult side of Halloween, there will be an eight block-wide street party in downtown. That being said it’s kind of a weird age for Halloween we don’t have kids and we aren’t in college. Full disclosure – after a bit of people watching, my lover and I may retire for a night of Halloween movies (Hocus Pocus, Nightmare Before Christmas and The Lost Boys) and have an enjoyable mixture of cocktails & candy.

Saturday, however, is a different story…given our proximity to Mexico, Día de Muertos is a very popular holiday. Therefore, we will head over to Old Town San Diego to celebrate! Let’s just say I have come a long way – go back fifteen or so years and I would have been dressing up as my favorite saint, walking down the St. Rose aisle in some kind of holy parade on what I then called All Saints Day – HA!

super creepy candle– watch it melt down!

All you need for at home pour over coffee!!!!

First and foremost homemade dunkaroos – what?!?!?!

why all babies have the same blanket– I have always wondered this!

Looking down on the earth

Have you seen this music video by OK GO– very cool choreography!

What the hell are arches?

better cans jars

Bonus points to all the kids who trick-or-treat at Victorian houses

Supermarkets can’t be trusted (to stay out of your decision-making process)

The stray cats of Athens– creepy!

cocktails for chilly nights!

cities from above- Dubai looks crazypants!!!!

shots of my dinner from the past few nights- ;)

say it isn’t so- Colbert sets the final show date!

would you be friends with your Mom if you were the same age– this is an easy answer!

made me think of my lover – I’m sure you also know this person!

and one more, best local news bloopers!