November 21st

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend guys. I will be kicking things off with a lovely run by the water listening to Slate’s digest of yesterday’s episode of Serial. In case you it, you can read more about my love for Serial in last week’s post. Also, hoping to check out a new restaurant called Parq which just opened up downtown, they have lured me in with their very cool forest-like interior and will (hopefully) hook Paul with their lobster roll!

Another great podcast with some interesting theories of lefties

On correcting misinformation

loving this vegan leather jacket

stuffed bears – inside out

also loving this adorbs scarf

i never support stealing, but this is hilarious

dying to try this stuffed butternut squash recipe

how to draw the perfect circle!!!!

would love to run on this amazingly cool bike path – of course it’s in the netherlands…

the only way to make spaghetti squash!

the best eyelash curler– the verdict is out, I will report back

“i did not write half of what i saw, for i knew i would not be believed” – marco polo and maps

hotter with age– too funny!

yes, I would like gold with my wine!

Americans try accents by accident – my cocaine