December 19th

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend! Paul and I plan to have a lovely little dinner date tonight before we make our holiday trek to Connecticut. We are trying out Nobu’s Miso Black Cod from his lovely cookbook that Paul gifted me for my birthday. If I get at least halfway close to the original I will be overjoyed. It will be sad to leave you San Diego, especially because it is supposed to be mid 70s next week! I definitely think Christmas should be spent sipping cocktails poolside…

At least read this: you can be a giver or a taker

Expanding the canvas

how to boil your eggs correctly – this has been my breakfast everyday this week!

Cabin porn

Love Actually cast- now & then

Marble Macbook!

Lovely wedged boot

Holiday Cocktails on the low

Gorg Pour-over coffee stand!

Ditch busy, it’s almost as annoying as the humblebrag

A better way to watch the clock 

My kinda xmas trees

I will be making this drunken pumpkin latte for my lover- ;)


Minimum Vacation Policy

How to Care For Introverts