January 2nd

Weekend Reading

Happy New Year!! Kileen and I are enjoying a relaxing, work-free week and trying out some new healthy recipes (yes those count)! Next week we’ll be in LA to kick off a new project so in the meantime here are a few links we’ve found between holiday meals!

Duuude we can finally go to White Castle!

High Performance… Plant-Based… Protein Burger?

Finally we hear from Jay

Firefly trails

Update your footer!

Food Gawker – Off-limits after 10pm due to self-imposed hunger pains

If you aren’t watching Jane the Virgin, NY Times says you should start.

Love Letter to Portland

Winter in Slovenia

Cardamom Hot Chocolate 

if you haven’t already seen Boyhood, you should!

Selfie prank

and let’s finish things off with the search year in review– thanks google!