January 17th

Weekend Reading

This week was a pretty wild one at work, but it’s finally the weekend and jalapeño cocktails, here we come! We are enjoying the last day or two of Southern California 70s before heading off to a client in New Jersey next week, so we’ll soon need the extra heat. Here are some good reads to check out before you head out this weekend.

I don’t envy Larry Wilmore right now… – talk about pressure!

How to learn and retain a language

Japanese Ramen vs. American Ramen – as if Kileen needed another reason to live abroad.

Holy Hotdog Prices!

52 places to visit in 2015

What a man learned by taking his daughter to a comic book store

The Invention of Jaywalking

Breakfast salad party!

Tetris in your web browser

Chive and parmesan smashed potatoes

The garbage industry finally sees some innovation

and one more for the road- on getting rid of busy

Happy weekend!