January 25th

Weekend Reading

First, even if you don’t follow up on all the links below (which would be at travesty), at a minimum you need to listen to The Secret History of Thoughts from NPR’s new series entitled Invisibilia. This episode features three different stories all about – you guessed it – the power of our thoughts. The last one is just the icing on the cake and can we talk about how they totally killed it by adding in that song?? As many of you know, I listen to my podcast mainly during my runs (part motivation / part reward) and I will let you know it got a little intense for a run (especially when said song played), where others could see me…

That being said, I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend. Plans are up in the air for the next week, which is refreshing. According to Wunderground, the weather is supposed to be high 70s so that means plenty of iced coffee and exploration! If you’re bored, check out my links!!!! Well, I am off to eat a banana!

French National Assembly and Fans (at a Lille v Evian game) sing La Marseillaise in tribute

Dust close ups – cooler than you may think!

Keyboard Washi Tape makeover

Illustrated facts of San Francisco 

Pizza is the Original Internet Trend


Meaning behind the saying

Avo Obvi

Steps to keep your worrying at bay

No waste grocery store – very cool!

When to Take Public Transportation To/From an Airport

Definitely add this to the must watch list

When in doubt – eat a banana

Behind closed doors- the secret problems of other couples – made me laugh in a relatable way…specifically I thought of that moment when Paul says we have 15 minutes until the plane boards and my first thought is “ok, I’m going to go to the bathroom, get some water, and definitely a latte, snacks – “do you want some snacks”…. and I know I just have to quickly evacuate before Paul has a panic attack – I guess he doesn’t want snacks…