February 7th

Weekend Reading

Hey hey – happy weekend!!!! What are you guys up to this weekend? Hopefully lots of food and fun! Paul and I are going to hit up the new adorbs cheese shop that just opened around the corner from us – I am thinking something truffled! Hoping to pick up some fig jam and crackers to go with – yum!

Also, hopefully we will trek up Bankers Hill to go visit the Oscar’s Mexican Seafood at their new Hillcrest location for some spicy shimp tacos (or maybe we’ll bike now that Deco is up and running!). Meanwhile, Sunday and Monday night will be spent watching Better Call Saul!!!!

PS – if you haven’t already, go check out Broad City on Comedy Central!!! Let’s just say I feel like they have def hit their stride in the second season.  Overall, I just love how refreshingly real!!!

Most Common Jobs by State

Best way to reheat pizza– now that we don’t have a toaster oven I will def try this!

trains are badass

Boys and Girls Eat Differently – Hmm.

Cute animal video fix: flying penguins

Awesome maps for your home


If you are a night owl like me – tricks to wake up earlier

A glimpse into the eating habits of nutritionists – always wonder about this and then also wish I had a friend who lived near me that was a nutritionist

An adorable tiny home because no one needs a mini mansion!

Fall asleep faster in 4-7-8