February 14th

Weekend Reading

What are you guys up to this weekend? Paul and I will be watching the newest season House of Cards as a nice little romantic treat – god I love Claire what a moxie!!! I also have a whole list of new places that have opened in the past few weeks that I have been dying to check out: Meshuggah Shack Coffee Shop’s for coffee and to see how the courtyard is coming along, and Karina’s Mexican Seafood for happy hour!!! When I’m not stuffing my face, I will be researching all things Paris, London, and Ireland because we finally booked our honeymoon! That being said, if you have any suggestions feel free to comment or email me!!!

If you live in the area and want a festive, yet not gag-inducing weekend, check out Panama66. Located in Balboa Park, this Saturday they have live music, a private after-hours tour, and picnic boxes (with wine / beer) for sale! Because… yes! Of course I want to eat yummy food while listening to moody music under the stars in a beautiful park!!!

Lastly, check out some links!

First – how to restore near-flat champagne! I am shocked I haven’t heard this before!!!!

On sitting at the bar – so true, this is my favorite place to sit in a restaurant, Paul and I never get a table!


adorbs fox sanctuary

wooden sculptures by sergei-bobkov – the owl is crazy!

I would like your finest dolphin-shaped island!

how the dollar sign ($) got its shape

at least 18 years

yummy falafel recipe

new Florence and the Machines video – crazypants!

USDA approved apples that don’t brown – red flag!

Licia Ronzulli of the European Parliament brought her daughter to work every day for the past two years – hell yea!

an apple store of nutrition

This time last week

In case you missed it my last post