March 1st

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend! I am very excited to binge watch the newest season of House of Cards – so good. If Paul and I are feeling ambitious we may make one of these and some of these to go along with our Netflix spree. Hope you guys have a lovely weekend!

tea cups across the world

Abbrev’s a restaurant for those with fine taste and small stomachs

Tips for the Amazon shopper in your life

Slurpee waves and skiing on the beach in Nantucket!

A study on cross-class marriage

Spicy butternut squash and quinoa chili

Confusing icons and their history

February, your annoying legacy friend you can’t break up with…

The Real Don Draper

Boxer Briefs are killin’ it

Peanuts prevent peanut allergies – parents everywhere remain unconvinced.

sleeping habits of the wealthy and famous