May 16th

Weekend Reading!

Happy Weekend! It is a chilly and rainy one here in San Diego – it almost feels like fall…which is weird!  No complaints though – the rain is a blessing! Not much going on this weekend other than drinking lots of my new favorite cold brew and bundling up (finally get to wear my wellies) for some leisurely strolls. I am taking care of a few last-minute items for my best friends upcoming bridal shower & bachelorette weekend! The countdown is on and the favors need some love! In the meantime, I am off to the farmers market before it gets rained out! Check out some links!

Jet Blue is adding direct flights to Cuba!!!!

This is what 2,000 calories looks like

For all you single bibliophiles

Loving this song at the moment

Kaizen and why it matters- YES!

on getting the best haircut

espresso old fashioned– enough said

fun with lunch

eloping is always better…especially in Iceland


if you ever wanted to go to the Catskills…stay here

Never, ever make this.

the only way to water your plants

mad men moments– ups and downs from an equalist’s vantage

and their last trailer…because if you are looking for more details, you won’t find it here

so very British via twitter

go here quickly!

this time last weekish

this time last monthish...