May 23rd

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend! And a what a special one it is! While Paul has a weekend cruise out of Miami for work, I will be attending my best friend ever’s bachelorette and bridal shower! As MOH (maid of honor), I have been planning this weekend for months and I’m beyond excited for everything to come together. So, I am off to the Finger Lakes for plenty wine tasting and boating as we are staying lakeside in the most adorable cabin!!! More to come on that next week, in the meantime, check out some links!

make your own pocket coffee– yes! a hard to find fav of mine!

boiling the perfect egg

how to peel garlic in seconds

stats about private jets

Step 1: Buy Tesla. Step 2: Use this app.

Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak are writing a book, together!

United States of Colloquialisms– apparently “pigsticker” is a think we CT natives say…

What would be your present day name? ┬áMine is Colbie, not bad! Apparently,┬áKileen was the 799th most popular girls name back in the 80s…sounds about right.

Seven tips on ordering the perfect glass of wine

Speak of the devil… Parramatta, what’s up?

Try fonts before you buy them? Finally!