August 1st

Weekend Reading

Paul and I are off to Cape May for a long weekend! We hope to fit in some winery visits, sunset boardwalk strolls and plenty of seafood. In the meantime, below are some fun links. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

First, check out this short, I love a good short! ;)

A guide to saying goodbye at a party.

The secret to better grilled cheese!

Hilarious peaches.

Never throw away these foods – good to know!

I have always wondered this – why british singers loose their accent when they sing.

And this… how Times Square works.

The link between creativity and vacation.

Sub your pasta sauce for this creamy avocado alternative!

Add any leftover avo to this cookie recipe!

Never miss another high-five.

Heat + Citrus = Cucumber Jalapeño Margtini!