August 15th

Weekend Reading!

Paul and I are excited to report that we will be staying put for the weekend – and by staying put I mean not leaving the state of Rhode Island! I do hope to squeeze in a trip to Block Island and/or Newport, but we will see how that goes. Hope you enjoy these lovely links!

The perfect fit – beware you may want to keep scrolling through this image heavy compilation.

Love these gold foil matchboxes!

Thoughts on Soul Mates.

Sweet bike lane.

Loving these earrings!

Why does everyone look more attractive wearing sunglasses?

Working off your fav foods – I think about this every time I pour a glass of wine and make a delish cheese plate.

Lovely article on being polite (one of my fav qualities about my love)

World’s Friendliest Cities – howdy, mate?

The Great Debate: Do we need a lecture on debate? The Future Of College

Levels of introversion.

Why we Collaborate– a fun TED talk compilation via NPR!