August 29th

Weekend Reading!

Happy Long weekend! Paul and I are thrilled to be back in the PVD! We have no plans set thus far but have thrown around lots of options – no surprise there! Hope you have a lovely, sunny weekend. Check out some of my fav links from this week!

How far does $100 go in each state?

This is a butter knife!

Is your name selling you short?

On measuring food trends, the Fried Calamari Index.

Loving this driftwood candelabra!

Love this anti-littering campaign

The power of managing your expectations, I have always felt this way!!!

The many uses for coco oil.

I will be making choco chip zucchini bread this weekend, thanks to my garden!

My fav paper co just made temp tattoos – yes!

Stripes on my stripes!

Learn new languages along with millions of others!