September 19th

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend! Paul and I will be spending the weekend in Newport for the Food and Wine Festival (birthday gift from Paul) which will take place along Rose Cliff. What a better place to sip champy than in a Mansion on a cliff overlooking the ocean – how very New England!

More on the Festival to come, in the meantime, check out my fav links of the week!

Cool video – reminded me of running in DC

On wearing men’s cologne – if definitely have done this!

Sugar Daddies and Higher Education

Love this scarf

My kinda traffic light

Bad news for hipster drinkers

Have a better morning

World’s smallest hotel and yes, it’s adorbs!

Lovely room transformation

In case you didn’t hear, Scotland said no

The line for the iPhone 6 – it’s not short

and how to fit it in your pants

Read this Modern Day Dating Etiquette in response to this outdated question of who gets the bill? Hint: if you invite, you pay the bill!

Dogs + GoPro!